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Increasing sell-through on your Independent Luxury E-commerce Website

Differentiation has become crucial for sell-through in luxury independent e-tail as consumers are faced with more choice, seasons shrink, and sales begin earlier than ever. We outline three aspects that help independent e-tailers, especially those seeking to relaunch or refresh, stand out and improve sell-through online in an increasingly competitive e-tail landscape.

Establishing an efficient e-commerce workflow managed and run by a dedicated team forms the basis. From e-commerce photography to styling and the setup of your photo studio, e-commerce starts with the quality of your website and the product imagery. Working from an established foundation is key.

We move onto tackling the shrinking seasons and early sales, outlining why getting product online earlier and more strategically is essential in creating exclusivity and convenience. Finally we discuss the importance of independent luxury retailers to protect brand value, for longevity and differentiation in a competitive digital space.

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Evolving Power Dress, Evolving Women

Brands and marketeers have tapped into a cultural shift that surrounds the empowerment and burgeoning agency of women, embracing the myriad ways in which contemporary women live and work. Power dressing is a prime case study of the shift from the agency of women being largely influenced by the public sphere, to how in the modern day it seems to come increasingly from within…

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The Next Generation of Luxury Shopper

The next generation of luxury shopper is typecast as a cohort of tech savvy millennials whose changing behaviours are reshaping the luxury retail experience—into one that spans across online and offline seamlessly, and uses technology to improve the in-store experience. But there’s more than meets the eye…

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Bespoke Tailors on their Modern Mission: translating a Bespoke Service into a Brand

Since the advent of ready-to-wear clothing it seemed that the craft of bespoke suiting wouldn’t make it to the 21st century. But that couldn’t be further from reality—an increasing interest in handcrafted goods, quality and individuality amongst a new generation of men has given bespoke a come-back.

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