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Experiential Travel Isn’t Just for Millennials

Although they were the first envoys of the experience economy, adventure is the next thing on the horizon increasingly driven by Gen X. Millennials have garnered a reputation for sparking the experience economy—typified as an experience first group of digital natives that would rather spend on a transformational travel experience than a material product. But dig deeper and we might find that this stereotype is a glorified persona…

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Evolving Power Dress, Evolving Women

Brands and marketeers have tapped into a cultural shift that surrounds the empowerment and burgeoning agency of women, embracing the myriad ways in which contemporary women live and work. Power dressing is a prime case study of the shift from the agency of women being largely influenced by the public sphere, to how in the modern day it seems to come increasingly from within…

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The Next Generation of Luxury Shopper

The next generation of luxury shopper is typecast as a cohort of tech savvy millennials whose changing behaviours are reshaping the luxury retail experience—into one that spans across online and offline seamlessly, and uses technology to improve the in-store experience. But there’s more than meets the eye…

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