How TUSOW refreshed an established Travel Agency with a new Website

The rise of independent designers and retailers within the Artisanal/Avant-Garde niche satisfies an obsession for all things meaningful and handmade.

TUSOW partnered up with Regal Travel to refresh its identity and improve the brand’s online engagement.

Regal Travel is an independent travel agency that has been operating for over 30 years. Their previous White Label website struggled to engage their core audience. Without original or tailored content and an outdated image, their old site left the brands’ current and potential clients disinterested.

During our collaboration with Regal Travel we discovered that the brand needed to address its ageing core consumer base, by introducing itself to a new audience while not alienating their loyal core.

Challenges were met with a new responsive website. Promoting an updated visual identity and original content the new site aimed to introduce a younger digitally fluent audience to the brand, while still being recognisable to its core audience.

Moving image, vibrant imagery, and original written copy was curated to create a clean and stripped back layout, accented by the brand’s original colour palette. Content based on holiday personalities were featured, focusing on the individuality of the travel agency’s current and potential client segments. A Bucket List calendar noting global “once in a lifetime events” was created, complimenting the new website’s theme of inspiration and livelier identity. Holidays were made easier to browse, and enquire about through use of iconography and updated structure.


Regal Travel’s new website increased engagement amongst a more diverse audience, and has received positive feedback from clients since its launch. Web searches for destinations became more adventurous, creating demand for a larger variety of holidays. Website traffic increased by 55% within 6 months. Regal Travel's new website won Website of the Year (Small Agency)  in the Travel Weekly Agent Achievement Awards 2018.



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