Web Foundation Package


For freelancers, sole traders, and small businesses who want and need an online presence to showcase their portfolio or offering.

Brand Redesign

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, hosting a one time event, or are making a foray into a new market sector, a simple website that highlights your offering can open the doors to international interest.

The web foundation package provides individuals and small businesses with a foothold in the online sphere, creating a platform that fosters new relationships. It’s the first online step in connecting with an infinite range of visitors and potential clients, enabling brands to share their voice with a new realm of receptive audiences.




Your new website will be delivered with the following:

+Sitemap (outlining structure and pages by hierarchy)
+Wireframe (a visual framework)
+Custom design of a minimum of 7 sections
+Colours & typography
+Integrated Social media handles



The website will feature the following touchpoints:

+Contact page with contact forms
+Initial Search Engine Optimisation
+Client work/Portfolio Summary



Development of your new website will involve the following:

+Optimisation across mobile, desktop, and tablet devices


Delivery & Support

Before launch, you’ll receive a training session taking you and your team through both the front and back-end management of your website. Answering any questions, making sure we’re prepared to meet any future needs as your new website gains traction.


How Does it Work?

Every Web Design Project with TUSOW starts with a meeting, be it face to face or over the phone.

At the core of our process is an understanding of your businesses, we want to understand your needs in order to create the best web design and build to meet your ambitions. After an initial meeting we carry out our own primary and secondary research into your brand, and select the best Content Management System for you. We generally work with Wordpress, Magento and Squarespace, but can be flexible depending on your specific needs.

If you feel that we are the right fit for your business, we provide a detailed proposal based on a strategy tailored to your needs, outlining what you can expect to receive from us. After that we provide you with detailed wireframes of each page of the website for proof, so you know exactly how your new website will look. Before launch, we have a session with you and your team enabling you to easily manage your new website after it goes live.

We’re always at the other end of a phone to answer questions and make the process as easy and fruitful as possible. Get started by filling out our Enquiry Form.